Crossover Biomedical is a consulting company headquartered in Rapid City, SD that specializes in areas of molecular biology, genetics and genomics, and biomedical engineering.  We are unique in our ability to operate across multiple sectors including, but not limited to, scientific research, clinical medicine, and environmental quality.  

We are an exciting, growth-oriented company that is dedicated to providing mission-critical scientific and technical services.  Our company is involved in numerous collaborative and multidisciplinary initiatives that working to cross boundaries between research, the environment, and clinical medicine.  We take a leadership role in applying a wide variety of scientific principles and concepts to potential inventions, products, and problems.  

Crossover Biomedical routinely partners with Keegan Mason & Associates, who provide expertise in antibiotic stewardship, patient safety, process efficiency, quality improvement, infection control & prevention, and healthcare operations.


Crossover Biomedical is comprised of a team of scientists with expertise in the fields of molecular biology, genetics and genomics, biomedical engineering, and healthcare.  We have broad and extensive background in both research and academia.  Our work is highly interdisciplinary, and we routinely collaborate with physicians and scientists from the South Dakota Department of Health and local hospitals, as well as ecologists, engineers, and government officials and agencies, especially those concerned with water quality. 


Our scientists have performed research that assesses pathogenicity and antibiotic resistance genes within environmental sources including surface water, sediments, wastewater, and feces.  We have recently developed a potentially patentable molecular tool for assessing microbial water quality, that may eventually be used for health risk assessments.  This work has pending publications, and has been presented at numerous conferences, including a keynote address at the South Dakota Public Health Association Conference, and has been featured on South Dakota Public Radio, in SD School of Mines Hardrock magazine, and in several South Dakota print, television, and radio stories. 


Crossover Biomedical will work to:

  • Independently oversee the design, implementation, collection, analysis, and reporting of results obtained through research and clinical initiatives

  • Use expert experience to solve extremely complex and unique development challenges 

  • Serve as an interface among various clinical, research, and governmental agencies

  • Initiate, direct, and execute scientific and clinical research

  • Collect, store, and mine clinical and research data to provide necessary analyses

  • Build necessary infrastructure to facilitate intellectual property (IP) commpercialization

  • Improve the health of citizens not only in South Dakota, but across the country and world

  • Offer consulting services in areas including, but not limited to, molecular biology, microbiology, genetics & genomics, molecular diagnostics and laboratory set-up and management